and I don’t even care. All week I thought I would be at least a little sad or bummed out about missing the independence day festivities and to my surprise I wasn’t. Instead, we had a nice family lunch, a walk, and then a quiet night at home. J-D had to work and I didn’t feel like fireworks were something the little guy needed to experience just yet. So while everyone in town gathered together to see the show, I sat in my son’s room rocking him to sleep and I couldn’t have been more content with the day. Things change so much when you become a mom. It is quite a transition but well worth the effort and honestly most of the time it is effortless because you love your child.


I’ve heard of the time stamp photos multiple times but like many things I never got around to it. I have to thank my wonderful partner for these photos. Also, I feel like these pictures really capture motherhood. The tiredness, the love, the protective instinct…at least for me. Here’s a small glimpse into our life.

Living in Alabama can have its advantages and disadvantages. Lately, all I can see are the disadvantages. It is so hot here. We’re talking about in the 90’s everyday and really it used to not bother me at all. There was once a time that I reveled in the heat and humidity, thankful for a reason to swim or stay inside and read. Now that the baby is here though, I would love to get him outside to explore the world. I mean there is only so many things we can do inside every single day but it’s just too hot…for me at least. Maybe the pregnancy changed my body temperature or something but I really can’t stand the heat! Anyway, all that said, the reason I’m complaining about the heat is that I want to take a moment to appreciate the people who give us new ideas of how to beat the heat! Maybe I should start doing a bi-weekly day of appreciation for all the other moms who come up with great ideas and share them.

(drum roll, please) Today, I would like to thank the Rookie Moms for all of their great ideas!  If you have not checked out their website yet, you are missing out! These two moms wrote a book with lots of great ideas for things to do with and without your baby. They also have a website with even more ideas! I know, I know I sound like I’m advertising for them or something but I really am thankful for their collection of ideas. Otherwise, H and I would be bored. A few days ago we tried out one of their beat the heat ideas…a mini water table! I put the baby in his highchair and towels all around it on the floor and then put about a half inch of water in the tray of the highchair and let him play. It was great! He absolutely loved splashing and watching his bath toys float around. We’re definitely going to do this again! Here are a few pictures of the great time he had!

because I’m a slacker. 🙂 I really can be the world’s biggest procrastinator at times. soo much happened during my blogging sabbatical. so here is a recap…Holden got two teeth, he can roll all over the place now and does so often, Mother’s Day, we joined Gymboree and go to a play and learn class once a week, took Holden to the lake for the first time to swim, Father’s Day, started cloth diapering (finally!!) and love it, planted a garden and started enjoying the awesome benefits of the herbs already, and probably a ton more I can’t think of at the moment. Oh and I started keeping a friend’s daughter during the week. She is 21 months and Holden’s best friend. He is so frustrated that he can’t run around and play with her. He is however working towards crawling around. He loves tummy time and is really good at pushing up on his arms. It is so cute to watch him work his little legs trying to figure out what he needs to do next especially if there is a toy just out of reach. His favorite toy right now is a yellow ball we got from Gymboree and he is still sleeping with his gloworm at night. 🙂

Glad I caught up on all of that. Now, when I have time again I can just blog! 🙂

our AC is broken and have I mentioned I live in the sweltering heat of Alabama? We’ve got all the curtains drawn and fans blasting. I keep reading tips for fun activities on Mother’s Day (they seem to be everywhere this week) and the majority of them are outside. As much as I LOVE to be outside, the thought of being more hot than I am now does not sound like a holiday at all. We have plans to be outside tomorrow for Herb Day and I’m thinking that might be as much heat as I’m inclined to enjoy for the weekend. I actually have no idea what the plans are for Sunday. I’m guessing it’s a surprise because J-D said he has ideas for the day but didn’t go into any detail. I’m looking forward to my first Mother’s Day though! Even if the heat and humidity are in full force. Well, on to fixing this blog the way I want it before unleashing it on the world!

Holden only has a cold and the doctor said he’s on the downhill side of it AND he ate food for the first time today! He had a little cereal mixed with pears! I decided to go with Earth’s Best Organic baby food and got sweet potatoes and pears to start him on. He loved it! We had so much fun. It took him a little bit to figure out what we were doing but once he got the hang of it, he loved it. I’m so proud of him and I’m looking forward to doing it again in a few hours.